Pet Dentistry

berniepupandcapone 006Teeth Cleaning for Dogs – Teeth Cleaning for Cats

Pet dental disease is a leading health issue of dogs and cats. Teeth cleaning for dogs and cats should be part of your regular pet health maintenance program with your Evergreen, Colorado Veterinarian. Left untreated, dental disease can adversely affect your pet’s immune system, reducing his ability to fight off infection. Dog and cat dental disease can be the root cause of cause mouth pain, loss of teeth, as well as heart, liver, and kidney disease. Our pet dental treatments are designed specifically with your particular dog or cat in mind depending upon their current overall health and pet dentistry needs. Many factors including breed and diet can affect your pet’s dental health. Some factors leading to dental disease are out of your control, but you can improve your pet’s health with routine veterinary visits and home care.

Small Animal Dentistry, Pet Dentist Services

All pets benefit from a professional teeth cleaning. Even pets with white teeth have plaque build-up which can affect the health of the gums. Our small animal dentistry services should be a priority for your pet as many cats and dogs need to have their teeth cleaned annually to maintain health and fitness. Dental cleanings are scheduled like a surgery appointment with our experienced staff. Your pet will be with us the entire day in safe care. In order to do a proper pet teeth cleaning, your pet will be fully anesthetized during the dental procedure. A pre-anesthetic exam is performed on each patient and screening bloodwork is often recommended. During the procedure your pet will be continuously monitored by a dedicated anesthetist.

Through advanced training and specialized equipment for small animal dentistry, we are able to offer complete dental care for your pet. We provide a full dental exam and digital dental x-rays. Our complete dog and cat dental cleaning service includes a full oral exam and charting, ultrasonic and hand scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatment if indicated. In cases of moderate to severe pet dental disease tooth extractions may be performed. Our Evergreen CO Veterinarians offer referral for advanced dental procedures including root canals, crowns, fillings, complicated fracture repair and extractions, etc. Our small animal dentist services are offered in addition to Canine Rehabilitation Water Treadmill Hydrotherapy for pets needing special care and attention.