Wellness & Prevention

Our staff is dedicated to keeping your furry family members healthy and happy. With that in mind, we offer a full service wellness plan. Preventative care is aimed at protecting your pet from disease and the early detection of health problems.

Elk Meadow Small Animal hospital in Evergreen ColoradoOur wellness program includes

    • comprehensive physical exams,
    • internal parasite testing,
    • heartworm and other parasite control,
    • vaccination program,
    • spay and neuter surgery,
    • and specialized blood tests for all life stages.

Regular physical exams are important to detect health problems before they become serious illnesses. Since every year for a dog or cat is equivalent to five to seven human years it is important that your pet receives a wellness exam at least every year, more frequently for senior pets.

Communication is very important to us, and during your pet’s exam we will take the time to answer your questions, explain our exam findings, and discuss recommendations for your pet. We strive to give you the education necessary to make informed decisions about your pet’s care.

Vaccines are one of the most important preventative measures you can take for the health of your pet. We believe it is important to perform a risk assessment to determine the best vaccine protocol for each pet. We follow the guidelines issued by the American Animal Hospital Association when making vaccine recommendations for dogs and cats.